2016 02 29 planning visit UK

This documents are the planning for our visit to UK on 15/05/2016 till 21/05/2016

Visit UK planning

Visit_UK timetable

2015 11 20 Sint-Paulusschool in the papers

At the apotheose on Friday 13 Novembre 2015 there was a journalist of the newspaper 'edition Kortrijks Handelsblad of 20 November 2015' who has taken a photo and made an interview with Johan.


2015 11 09 - 11 13 meetings & education

Marge lead us through the meetings, thanks for the follow up of the necessary topics.

During the week we could visit the school primary school with kindergarten. We listen and talk with Michael Michiels of Ligand who tells  us about the theoretic and practicals of restorative practices.

 On Friday the oldest children of the school gets a weekinfo with information of the visit from UK and Poland.

2015 11 19 feedback video and visit Belgium

Official document and report of the visit.

Well. What a fantastic, perfect and very moving your film is. Congratulations. It’s wonderful. I have just forwarded your email to the UK National Agency who, I am absolutely sure, will want to use it to explain and promote the Erasmus+ project. I am so very sad that Dennis and I were not with you during the week in Belgium. So sorry not to be there. There are no more words today. Just to say that what you are all doing is the key to a peaceful future. Sending love and warmest wishes. Mx (Maureen Walby)

Fantastic! :)Marge x (Margret Pau)

Jan, the film that you have made is great!!! Thank you!!! All the best. It was a privilage to meet you and your teachers and we are so impressed by your openness and hospitality! Dagmara

Thank you Johan for working so hard on behalf of your school and your children. Your headteacher is very lucky to have you as a colleague, doing all of this for the school.

Johan, I have passed the link for Jan's film to all of our parents. They absolutely love it. I had no idea he was doing this. If I had, I would have done my hair and worn better clothes. Please thank him for a superb piece of work which will provide the children with an ever lasting memory of the trip. Jim Holditch (headteacher UK)

Sorry I'm writing so late but I would like to thank You verrrrrry, verrry much for all YOU did! It was amazing, people were so friendly and easy-going, places we visited were charming and beautiful, everything was perfectly organised. Your hospitality, calm and that lovely atmosphere will stay with me forever!!!!!Apple mousse will be a part of my meat meal and I will cooperate with my bike more often:)I'm greateful for everything. I would also tell you that we are with you these hard days. I hope you and your families, friends, community are fine. I will be in touch. Magda (teacher Poland)

I would like to think you one more time for your hospitality, you were so nice and open people I have great time with you. It was first time when I was abroad I didn't want come back home. You are always welcome in my home in Poland. Thanks for every thing!!! Pozdrawiam Paweł (teacher Poland).

2015 11 09 till 2015 11 13 timetable and overview of the visit in Belgium

Here you can find all activities and times during the visit.