Show and tell - No more Wars

Pokaż i powiedz – Nigdy więcej wojny

Toon en vertel - Nooit meer oorlog

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The project creates a Transnational Schools Partnership to celebrate diversity and individual collective talent. It also marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1, so the theme is “No More Wars! Reconciliation and Peace Through Understanding in a Shared World”

The partners hold a series of children’s Poetry and Art exhibitions in non-traditional galleries, encouraging self-recognition expression through recitals and community events. The project demonstrates how cultural & linguistic diversity and children with mixed physical and academic abilities can produce outstanding results when they work together. Language of the project is English. Especially so when they share a common objective of world peace.


This project widens the horizons of children at partner schools through joint project work. It also offers opportunities for children, teachers and support staff to learn through visits and shared events.


Working alongside community groups and local businesses, using non-traditional galleries to exhibit their joint work, the partnership develops strong links with wider communities to support aspiring literacy & artistic skills. It courts sponsorship by local businesses who are encouraged to develop entrepreneurship skills.


Linking the lessons of history to create inclusive communities where stability, social justice and cultural understanding are the cornerstones shared by all, the children show how they can join forces to make a better world.


Children and staff in all partner schools work together exploring and discovering diversity, celebrating physical and cultural differences, sharing each national identity. Differences are explored, social traditional values explained differences in daily routine provide ample scope for illustration recording. Art works, prose, poetry are published.


There are class to class Skype sessions where children and staff learn from each other. Through these sessions art works, poems are created on the theme of diversity. Children and staff learn from each other. Partners prepare joint exhibitions, poems turn to recitals. Exhibitions are mounted in community spaces. Pilot stage of this project will focus on working with children aged 10-12 years, some with disabilities.