2016 04 22 skypesession Poland_Belgium presentation children

Children from Belgium and Poland presenting themselves. Teachers and childrens talk and chat in an open mind and understanding. Thanks to Magda, Dagmara and headteacher Dorotha for the skypesession.

Children from Poland:

Girls: Emilia, Maria, Alicja, Karolina, Hanna, Kasia

Boys: Jan, Jakub

Children from Belgium:

Girls: Elise, Ella, Alix

Boys: Nicolas, Emile, Ian

2016 03 09 art contest on FRIENDSHIP in Poland

Congratulations for:

Iga, Maria, Karolina, Emilia and Sandra

2016 03 04 skypesession song i wish

The children of Poland brings us a song 'i wish' from the band 'like house family'. The Belgian children are listening to the song and will talk about the lyrics of this song in the classroom.

2016 03 18 skypesession heroes Poland and Belgium

After some technical difficulties we could make a good skype-connection where the children of Poland give us a presentation of Martin Luther King.

Children from Belgium who are visiting UK have present them shortly

2015 12 18 Christmas songs by Poland and Belgium

With a very poor skype connection we could hear and see the songs for Christmas.