2015 03 23 skypemeeting Belgium - Poland

Mister Jan, Johan and Dagmara have a skypemeeting as preparing the next skypemeeting with all the teachers and members of the steering group.
Questions for Dagmara content the travel to Poland, next skypemeeting children to children, ...

2015 03 31 skypemeeting steering group and teachers:

  • -Presenting the partners teachers who went to Poland.
  • -"Freedom" and "we are the world" both songs to practice for the apotheosis in Poland.
  • -No skype meeting with children before Easter.
  • -10 typical objects to talk about and the pronunciation in Dutch , Polish and English. Send a .wav file for the website? Photographs? Skypemeeting after Easter.
  • -Draft trip 18/05- 24/05:
  1.  content workshops Art + history (content and preparation by Polish teachers)
  2. Evening Polish families (Belgium 3 groups with 1 teacher = 4 + 4 + 3) hot meal
  3. Thursday goodbye evening with pick-nick at school with parents and children + music (life?) and party ?
  4. Friday morning exhibition with presentation of the student’s work during the workshop, poetry and art
  5. ...
  • -presentation Kortrijk / Ashford / Tychy


2014 12 22 Explanation and interpretation fashionshow


In times of war and suffer, the people must be creative. With ‘leavings’ they make cloths, accessories. This way they appreciate after suffer valuable things.

The opening scene was quite symbolical: you have the red dancers (blood and suffer), the black dancers (the death) and the white characters (peace). First you have the war (red and finally black). White is coming up and stands always above suffer and sorrow.

Deborah Debrouwer




Suggestion of Dagmara: We could read poetry. We also thought about working on the topic THE POWER OF PEACE IN THE TIME OF WAR. The children could write poems or short stories on this topic. They could not only be connected with the past, I mean with WW1, but also with their present situation - with their friends, schoolmates (the problem of aggression), families (sometimes they have to live in emotionally difficult situations). It could also be connected with some art work.

Answer Johan: Childrens of the 6th class makes fairies (this is a poetry with eleven words over 5 lines) in Belgium and present them in English during the skype session of Wednesday 28/01/2015 at 10:45 local time.