2015 05 18 meeting steering group (short report)

- official documents and signing

- children visit Poland (feelings, possible entertainments, ...)

- mobility and management budget explanation

- children with specially needs (eg dislexion)

- programme and entertainment

- roles co-ordinators (Dagmara = communication, Johan = publicity, marketing and dissemination, Jim = evaluation)

- website send info and photos

- newsletter for parents

- in september evaluation

- development and communication between staff, team and co-ordinator

- issues for discussion (presentations of methodology)

- time investment (Maureen send us a template time sheet)

- entrepreneurs ship sell book of art and poetry, clay works will be sold in the online shop. (Poland may not sell) The money is for donations to non-profit organisations.

- art and poetry book : template will be made by UK, each catalogue is 20 pages for each country.

- Thursday = preparation of the exhibitions of Friday (photos, dance, acts, theatre, ...)

- meeting steering group Tuesday with presentations of each country and workbooks of childrens.