2015 06 01 feedback partners 

Hello Show and Tellers,

just a very quick email to say how much I enjoyed the project visit to Tychy last week.

This project is super special and everyone working on it should be congratulated for their enthusiasm and commitment to their school and its children. For me this project is pure pleasure - it was fantastic seeing all the children singing and playing together - the epitome of a united Europe and something to be truly proud of.

So roll on next time!

Thanks to Dagmara and her team, to Johan and his team and to Jill and the gang from Godinton. Well done everyone and thank you for making me part of it.

Sending love and all good wishes

Maureen (European Programmes Projects)

I picked our party up from the airport on the Friday, and all I heard was how wonderful the trip had been. Everybody enjoyed every part of it. It was a fantastic success. Jill explained just how much hard work Dagmara and her colleagues had put into making everyone feel so welcome. We are very fortunate to have such professional and hard working partners. Dagmara, thank you to you and all of your team for making the trip so enjoyable for everyone.

And thank you Maureen for making it all possible. Without you, none of this would have happened; certainly not for our school at least. What wonderful memories these children and teachers now have.

I'm really looking forward to coming to Belgium in November and seeing everyone again.

Best wishes to everyone

Jim (headteacher UK)

We came back to school yesterday after a week of holiday and I certainly needed the rest!!! I was worn out! Thank you so much for a wonderful visit to Tychy. It couldn't have gone better! It was really lovely to finally get to meet everyone properly and we felt extremely well looked after by everyone.

Dagmara, thank you again for all your organisation; it was excellent. Please pass on our thanks again to everyone at school (staff, children and parents) who made us feel so welcome. The kind hospitality extended to us really made the visit special. I know that you felt there were obstacles along the way but I hope that you felt they were worth it. We are so grateful for everything you did for us.

It has been lovely to have a week off school and time to reflect on the trip. I think that we managed to achieve so much during the course of 5 days. The children certainly gained a lot from mixing with both the Polish and Belgian children - it was a real boost to their confidence and they really enjoyed taking part in the final performance which I though worked very well. We all enjoyed finding out how a school in a different country operates and realising that although lots of things may be very different, plenty of things are the same. Spending time with some of your families was wonderful and we had a great time on all the excursions. Brilliant!

We had some fantastic feedback from our parents about how much their children enjoyed the visit. I think that lots of children in the school were very jealous - but I have told them that they will get their turn to be hosts when you all come to us next May.

The visit has left us very excited about things to come. Poland have set the bar very high - we've all got a lot to live up to now!

Thanks again for everything. Say hello to all your colleagues and students, our new friends,  from us all here at Godinton!

Jill (Deputy Headteacher UK)

Dear All,

Thank you so much for your emails. It's so nice to read such nice words! Thank you once again! :-) As I mentioned earlier it was a privilage and pleasure to have you as our guests. I think that most of the things went well because of our cooperation, all the plans that were made a lot of months earlier. You know in Polish there is a saying 'When a guest comes into your house it's as if God has visited you' (a poor translation) and as I was taught by my parents God should be number one in our life and be treated with the highest respect that means that guests should be treated in the same way if that makes sense to you ;-)
It was great to meet GREAT teachers both from Belgium and England who are so helpful, cheerful, patient... and I could mention here a lot of other adjectives. And Jill is amazing, her speech at the final presentation was AWESOME!!! Yes, you definitely should move to Poland! :-) Thank you for this opportunity that children from three different countries could meet and do things together. Most of all MAUREEN thank you very, very much for that!!! And thank you so much for all your help with the forms!
I'd like to thank ALL OF YOU for your kindness and I hope FRIENDSHIP. It was a really great time for us!!!

Let's keep in touch and hopefully meet on skype soon. Our school year ends on 26th June. We come back to school on September 1st.

All the best to all of you

Dagmara and friends :-) (teacher Poland)
PS. If you found Poland attractive you can always spend some holiday time in our country. You are always very welcome! :-)


It was also a pleasure for us to be in Poland. We have really great and close contact with you and some teachers.

The organisation and support we've got from you and your team was with a warm and open hart. It feels like being one school.

The time we spend in Poland was passed so fast and that means the children and we, teachers, have so much nice things to do. The story's children told to their parents were so excited.

We all are looking forward to meet all of you in Belgium on November.


Johan (teacher Belgium)