2015 04 21 skypesession Tychy Poland

The children of Tychy have prepared some typical sights and habits of people in Poland. By technical faults we couldn't see the powerpoint children made but we shall receive that by mail. You can find some pictures below.

2015 04 20 gifts send in a box by UK


What a surprise!!! We've received a box from a foreign country ... The children who went to Poland may open the box and show the content.


2015 02 03 Skype moment Poland - Belgium poetry



2015 03 11 Skypesession 'the city of Kortrijk' and questions for and introduction of themselves of the eight children who are going to Poland in May 2015.

2015 02 25 Art competition Poland

Just before the beginning of the winter holiday Polish students had an opportunity to see the exhibition that presented the 'Show&Tell' activities that had already been done.

The students from Poland took part in an art competition called "Poppies" as a symbol of those who died in WW1.

'Many soldiers were struck by the beauty of the poppies that grew wild on the battlefields, and the poppy became a symbol for remembrance of the people who had died in the war'.


The Usborne Introduction to the First World War