2015 01 16 meeting with children in Poland

Last Friday (Jan the 16th), there was a meeting in Primary School no 18 in Poland, which focused on the 'Show&Tell' project. During the meeting, the students were informed about the activities which had been completed so far and were then invited to take part in the ones which were coming up.

They were also shown slides of war scenes, but ones which had been chosen to emphasise that even in horrible situations, evil cannot have the last word. A perfect example of this was the Christmas truce of 1914. Children watched the video accompanying Paul McCartney's song 'Pipes of Peace', to get a feel of the atmosphere during this particular event. At the end of the meeting, some students sang 'Silent Night', both in Polish and English, to commemorate the moment when that special carol was sung during the Christmas Truce of 1914.