2015 11 11 visit Brugge

The guided tour (download) by miss Debo.

With the bus to Boudewijnpark iceskate.

2015 11 09 Welcome to Belgium

Children of Belgium, Miss Debo and Mister Jan are preparing the welcome.

A good cake and some limonade because they are hungry.

After the food, playing old fashion games.

2015 11 10 host families


familie Lecluyse Hosts:  Adult: Claire Abrehart children: Jesscia Ranson, Isabelle Cole

familie Leconte Hosts:  Adult: Jim Holditch children: Kyle Murphy, Jack Bone

familie Notebaert Hosts: Adult: Charlotte Fagg children: Lilly Burton, Lauren Fewsdale 

familie Van Quickenborne Hosts: Adult: Margret Pau children: Joe Wright, Samuel Horn



familie Deschamps Hosts: Adult: Magdalena Biel, children: Dawid Bednarek, Adam Kuca

familie Dejager Hosts: Adults: Dorota Grzesica, Paweł Kubica, children: Weronika Celder, Szymon Zachłód

familie De Coene Hosts: Adult: Dagmara Kajzar, children: Natalia Maj, Alicja Piersiak

the familie Devolder (reserve-Host family)