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Poland during the first World War. 

Poles perceive World War I unlike the Italian, English or German. This is due to the fact that it was not our war. Please note that in 1914, Polish was not on the map of Europe.
In 1795, Poland disappeared from the map of Europe. Its territory was divided among three countries: Russia, Austria and Prussia (now Germany).
The tragic thing was that in every fighting armies were Poles. It was a fratricidal conflict for Polish. Poles fought in the armies: Austrian, Russian, Prussian, French and American.
The region in which we live, Upper Silesia was under Prussian rule. There were no hostilities but many people were killed in the fight not for their cause.
The First World War we associate with November 11, 1918. It was the day of the ceasefire in the west. For us it is a day of particular importance. Then began the struggle for independence of our country, successfully completed. After a period of communism, November 11 is the most important Polish national holiday.
The most important battles in today's Poland:
-Tannenberg (today Grunwald), 1914, the battle between the Germans and the Russians, the Germans win
-near Gorlice, 1915, Germans and Austrians defeated the Russians

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